120cm Universal Car SUV Roof Rack Aluminum Cross Bars Anti Theft Key Lock Black Adjustable

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1. Grade Aluminum Alloy Body withstand 100kg loading capacity.

2. T-slot channel allows easy installation with enhanced strength and low air resistance.

3. Adjustable width to fit different vehicles with rails.

4. Elliptical shape to minimize wind resistance.

5. Unique Lockable Mechanism for Greater Security

6. Suitable for Roof Boxes, Bicycle, Skies, Luggage, Canoes etc.



1. Product Number: 825961

2. Product Name: Car Roof Rack

3. Material: Aluminum

4. Colour: Black 

5. Max. load Capacity: 100KG

6. Max. Fitting Width: 102cm approx.

7. Bar length: 120cm approx.

8. Dimension: 122.5 x 5.5 x 10 cm approx.

9. Roof Rack Type: Universal Roof Rack


Package Includes:

2 X Car Roof Rack

2 X Rubber Straps 

2 X Key

1 X Manual