Hahnel Duo 2 Dual USB Cigarette Port Car Phone Adaptor Charger

  • $26.99

The Duo Car charger enables you to recharge your USB devices whilst on the move & will also charge TWO devices simultaneously for efficient powering whenever you need it. Simply plug your existing USB charging cable into one of the USB adaptors, then plug into your car charging socket or cigarette lighter to provide power to TWO USB charged devices, such as iPads, iPhones, MP3 players, mobile phones etc.

- High Power output: 1 x 2.4A or 2 x 1.2A

- Compatible with 12-24V DC Input

- Automatic current sharing across both ports

- Over-current & short circuit protection


- Power Output Connections: 2 x USB slots

- Output Power: 3.4 A

- Weight: 59 g

In the Box:

- Hahnel Duo Car Charger