Hahnel Duo Traveller USB Charger UK EU US AU Wall Plug Travel Adapter Converter

  • $27.99

Hahnel Industries are one of the world's foremost manufacturers of charging and power accessories in the world, they pride themselves on quality and safety. Each Hahnel power product has been tested and approved by ALL of the electrical safety boards worldwide and the plug carries the logos of the certification on the plug itself. This is becoming of paramount importance when you read about people electrocuting themselves from cheap power adapters that have no certification. This new Duo plug from Hahnel has 2 USB outputs, one is 2.1 Amp for iPad and Tablet charging and the other is 1 Amp for phones and PDA's, you can charge an iPad and iPhone at the same time at full speed or you can charge 2 iPads at the reduced speed using the full 3.1 Amp across the 2 USB plugs. There are other plugs that use two 2.1 amps, but for some phones and smaller PDA this can be too much and they are better charged at the 1 Amp current.

- Power Output Connections: 2 x USB slots
- Output Power: 5VDC,2 A
- Dimensions: 8.89 x 4 x 3 cm
- Weight: 100 g

In the Box:
- Duo Traveller Travel Charger
- UK, EU, USA, AU plugs