3x Sloggi Period Pants Tai Medium Leakproof Womens Underwear Panties Black Undies Bulk

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Item Number: 10212941 

Fabric: 18% Polyamide, 62% Modal, 11% Polyester, 7% Elastane, 2% Cotton


These high leg tai Medium Absorbency Period Pants are perfect for days where you have a moderate flow. The innovative design features an ultra-thin, four-layer gusset system that locks in moisture, holding the equivalent of 3 regular tampons. Wear alone or as back-up alongside your regular period products on heavier days.

- Medium absorbency equivalent to 3 regular tampons and up to 8 hours wear

- Internal leakproof layer keeps outer layer dry

- Additional absorption layer attracts and locks in liquid, without adding bulk

- Extra long gusset offers added protection all the way to the back

- SILVADUR™930 antimicrobial treatment prevents odours

- Smooth, breathable and stretchy modal fabric

- Reusable and zero-waste alternative to tampons, liners and pads

- Our model is wearing the tai briefs in size S


3 pieces bulk value pack