3MX5M Large Hunting Camping Army Camouflage Net Mesh Netting Camo Woodland Cover

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1. Good for Car-Covering, Birdwatching, Camping or Hunting, and more

2. Durable and lightweight camouflage netting

3. With edge banding, corner banding, and ropes; leaf-like; waterproof; anti-mildew

4. The camouflage net has two components: The upper layer is waterproof camouflage polyester Oxford cloth computer Cut,

lower is machine-woven nylon mesh

5. Uses: military camouflage, war game camouflage, CS military training, outdoor shooting, hunting, 

birds and animals watching, sports activities, hiking, camping, sun shades, awnings/pergola, 

car truck camouflage cover, decorations for parks, shops, restaurants, households, etc.


Color: Camo

Net Weight: 1401g (3.08lb)

Size: 3m X 5 m

Material: Oxford polyester fabric and nylon rope

Style: Camouflage/Field Game/Hunting/Camping

Season: Four-season


Package Includes:

1 X Camo Camouflage Net