ACMER C1 Air Pump Assist System Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Accessories

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Exclusive air Pump: Air assist can quickly reduce the surface temperature of the object in the process of engraving and cutting, prevent high temperature deformation and discoloration, ensure smooth lines, complete patterns, and clean material surface. 

Adjustable Speed: 0-30L/min adjustable air flow range, switch button control is convenient. 

Strong Compatibility: ACMER-C1 air pump is compatible with most of the laser engravers in the market such as TEVOUP P1, TWOTREES TS2, Totem S/TTS-55, Atomstack A5 Pro, Sculpfun S9/S6 Pro, Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro/S2/SF, etc.

Low Noise: The operating noise is less than 45dB, the air auxiliary device has low noise and small vibration, giving you a quiet laser engraving and cutting environment. 

Easy to Install and Use: No need to buy additional accessories, installation and use only two steps. 


Model: ACMER-C1 

Voltage: 110V (US); 220V (EU, UK, AU) 

Power: 12V 24W 

Air Volume: 0-30L/min

Air Speed: 5.0~5.5m/s 

Maximum atmospheric pressure: 0.03Mpa 

Outer diameter of air outlet: 4mm (can be connected to an air hose with an inner diameter of 4mm) 

Package Size: 25 x 19 x 17cm/9.8 x 7.4 x 6.6in 

Package Weight: 2.4kg/5.2lb 

Package includes:

1 x Air Pump 

1 x PU Tube 

1 x Control Valve 

1 x U plate 

1 x Gas Nozzle Stents