TWOTREES Automatic Roller Rotating Engraving Engraver Totem Laser Module Motor Machine

  • $76.99


- Rotate and cylindrical engraving

- Adjustable Width ( 5 levels Range 20mm-80mm dia. is accessible)

- Embellished with VI bottom cover

- Perfect combination of aluminum alloy gasket with screws



Name: Nema 17 stepper motor

Model: 17HS4401

Step Angle: 1,8° ± 0.09°

Rated voltage: DC 3.6V

Rated Current: DC 1.5A / Phase.

Holding Torque: ≥420mN.M

Maximum no load Starling frequency: ≥1900 PPS

Weight: 255 g



Tear off the black film before use.


Package Includes:

1 X Laser Engraving Machine Rotating Module