DEDEPU Scuba Diving Snorkel Swimming Underwater Breathing Air Tube Gear Snorkeling Silicone Full Dry Mouthpiece Hose

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Product Name: Full Dry Breathing Tube

Material: Food Grade Liquid Silica Gel + Environmentally Friendly PC

Applicable People: Adult Men And Women (Water Sports Enthusiasts)

Colour: Fluorescent Yellow, Black

Weight: About 220g

Size: About 52*10*0.28cm



1. Rapid water stop system: Floating ball-type automatic water stop valve, closes immediately after immersion, to prevent water from choking

2. The large air inlet can block the spray from entering the snorkel, but the air can enter and exit freely

3. Face lens belt connection buckle: thick and durable, reliable connection, can be operated with one hand, simple and quick to press and automatically lock, and the two sides are pressed inward to unlock

4. Ergonomic and comfortable mouthpiece: food-grade silicone has no peculiar smell, fits comfortably, long-term bite is not tired, soft and elastic, healthy and non-toxic

5. The hose adopts the trachea structure, which is flexible to bend while keeping it upright for smooth breathing.

6. The one-way check valve is installed at the bottom of the head, which is convenient for discharging the accumulated water in the breathing tube and effectively prevents the water from being sucked back.


Package includes:

1 x Diving Snorkel