FunWater 11' Inflatable Stand Up SUP Paddle Board Surfboard Kayak Complete Set

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Brand: FunWater

Type: Inflatable paddle board

Size: 132*33*6Inch

Net weight: 8KG

Weight capacity: 150KG

Material: PVC

Please Note: does not contain glue due to logistics restrictions



1. The width of the pulp board is greater than 80 cm, which is very stable and greatly improves the stability of the pulp board on water.

2. The material is solid and durable. The pulp board is made of thickened PVC as a whole, with a thickness of 15 cm and a maximum load-bearing capacity of 150KG.

3. The length of the pulp board reaches 3 meters, which greatly improves its load capacity.

4. The interior adopts the first-grade wire drawing air cushion material, the tensile force can reach 120N, and the air pressure can reach up to 18PSI.

5. The pulp board has a safe non-slip design and a comfortable handle design.


Package includes:

1x Surfboard

1x Aluminum alloy paste

1x Surfboard bag

1x Pump

1x waterproof storage bag

1x Safety foot rope

3x Removable fins

1x Air Valve Wrench

1x Patch tube

1x PVC sheet