26m 4.9" Aluminum Foil Portable Air Conditioner Extractor Exhaust Hose Pipe Tube Long Double Layer Flexible PVC 12.5cm Diameter

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PVC Aluminum Foil Double-layer Smoke Tube Flexible Exhaust Hole Telescopic Hose


Product Name: PVC Dust Extractors

Material: PVC + Aluminum Foil

Color: White

Diameter: 4.9 Inch

Length: 4.92/6.56/9.84/16.4/19.68/26.25ft



- This product can be bent at 360° and freely stretched.

- With high flexibility, friction resistance, and acid corrosion resistance.

- For draining smoke, moisture, dust, high-temperature gas, powder, and so on.

- Widely used in industrial ventilation, range hoods, exhaust fans, and ventilation of other electrical equipment.


Package Includes:

1x Exhaust Hose