HONGDUI KM-18 Woodworking Brass Chisel Mallet Hammer Interchangeable Heads DIY

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Total Length: 4.75”

Width: 2.5”

Material: Steel


Features:The KM-18 Woodworking Mallet is the tool for chisel work, joinery assembly, tool adjustment, and more.

The compact size lets you easily store it in your apron, and provides control.

But the steel increases efficiency by packing more force into each.

It has interchangeable and plastic cover so you can pound on different materials without damaging them - and comes with its own carrying case and adjustment tools.

Designed with functionality and heavy use in mind. But we decided to make it jaw-droppingly gorgeous as well.


Package Includes:

1 x Woodworking Mallet

2 x Plastic Cover

1 x Removal Wrench