1000/6000+3000/8000 Dual Whetstone Set Knife Sharpening Water Stone Sharpener with Non-Slip Stand Holder

  • $47.99

The stone itself it double sides, which means there is no need to buy and store multiple sharpeners as you can adjust the grit as needed.



- Dual Grit: Our premium quality corundum material provides a perfect two side grit combination to sharpen your knives and tools.

- More Compatibility: Two-sided grits stones allow to sharp and polish all types of dull blades and knives, scissors, razor, chisel.

- Safety: Come with a non-slip base for holding the stone and preventing the sharpener whetstone slipping off. And the silicon rubber keeps the stones inside sturdy. The durable angle guide helps to sharpen and polish at the correct angle.

- Knife sharpener stone uses water for sharpening



Material: White Corundum + Silicon Rubber

Sharpening Stone Size (L x W x H): 7.1 x 2.4 x 1.18"


Package Contents

2 x Double-sided Sharpening Stone

1 x Non-slip Silicone Mat