10Pcs Chain Saw Sharpening File Filing Kit Files Tool Chain Sharpener for Stihl Husqvarna

  • $25.99

Package Includes
3 x Round Files 5/32 (4mm) 3/16 (4.8 mm) 7/32(5.5 mm)
1 x Flat File
1 x Hardwood Handle
1 x Depth Gauge
1 x File Guide Holder
1 x Quick Check Gauge
1 x Bar Groove Cleaner
1 x Storage Pouch

1. Manually sharpened chainsaw set, helps you to sharpen your chainsaw.
2. Made of high-quality & durable metal and hardwood.
3. Portable design, with a storage bag, easy to store and carry.
4. Easy to use and follow instructions. There is interchangeable tooth angle marking and measurement engraving guides.
5. Suitable for Stihl for Husqvarna.

1. Name: Chainsaw Sharpening Kit
2. Model: B73269
3. Bag Color: Orange
4. Files round sizes: 5/32 "(4.0mm), 3/16" (4.8mm), 7/32 "(5.5mm)
5. Material: metal and hardwood
6. Folded Size: 11x7cm
7. Unfold size: 11x31x1cm