120x120mm 4.5'' 90 Degree Right Angle Engineer Precision Machinist Square Ruler

  • $33.99

Drillpro Upgraded Aluminium Alloy 90 Degree 120x120mm Precision Clamping Square Woodworking L-Shaped Auxiliary Fixture Machinist Square Positioning Right Angle Clamping Measure


Brand: Drillpro

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Surface treatment: Anodized

Size: 120x120mm

Scale: Metric and Inch

Thickness: 16mm

Angle: 90° right angle

Application: Wood jigs fixing fixture, right angle positioning



- Precision 90 degree square, with mm and inch scale.

- Aluminum alloy material and anodized treatment, high hardness, rustproof, non-corrosive.

- True right angles for both inside and outside the square.

- Designed to be attached to boxes, frames, etc. to help with squaring during glue up.

- 90 degree positioner is suitable for wooden jigs.

- Accurate calibration, easy operation, not easy to damage fragile cutting edges.
- This Right Angle positioner has two extra slots.

Package Includes:

1 x Right Angle Positioning Ruler