1m 75mm Pipe Duct + Vent Air Outlet+ Y Branch + Hose Clip Parking Diesel Heater

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Model number : B42331

Product name : heater duct & vent outlet & hose clip & Y branch

Fitment : For Eberspacher, Webasto and Propex heaters  etc.


1.Warm Air Ducting 

Material : Aluminum foil

Color : Black

Length : 50-100cm/19.68-39.37in

Diameter : 75mm/2.95in

Application : for Webasto, Dometic, Propex etc.

Features : 

Mainly used for 2KW diesel air heaters.

Hot & cold, air ducting for diesel heater Webasto, Domestic, Propex etc.

part number : 102114340000 or 292100010025 or 10025


2.Heater Ducting Vent Outlet

Material : Plastic

Color : Black

Height : 80mm/3.15in

Diameter : 75mm/2.95in

Other part number : 20.1577.89.06.00, 201577890600, 398551, 398.551

Fitment : For Eberspacher, Webasto, Propex and other blown air heater systems.

Features : 

Suitable for 75mm warm air ducting.

Front fascia is removable to enable access to screw holes for correct fitment.


3.Ducting Y Branch

Material : Plastic

Color : Black

Diameter : 75mm/2.95in

For 75mm diameter ducting.

Initial installation.

Additional outlet to an existing system.       

Efficiently divide the flow of warm air from your heater.

Use with Eberspacher, Webasto and also Propex heaters.


4.Hose Clip 

Material : metal 

Color : chrome 

Diameter : 75mm/2.95in

Fitment : for Eberspacher, Webasto,Propex heater warm air ducting


Package includes:

2 x Heater Duct

2 x Vent Outlet

1 x Ducting Y Branch

4 x House Clip