2 Inch 52mm Car Meter 20-120℃ 10 Colours LED Digital Water Temperature Gauge

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-2" (52mm) Water Temperature Gauge.

-Black dial face when ignition is off.

-10 colors backlights can be selected, and it can memory the setting in the both daytime and night mode.

-Brightness can be selected in 6 different levels, and it can memory the setting in the both daytime and night mode.

-3 buzzer types can be selected.

-4 buzzer levels can be selected.

-3 different open ceremonies can be selected.

-A warning value (arbitrary) can be set and the warning buzzer can be selected from three variations or turn off.

-3 different types indicator movement can be selected.

-Data obtained during driving (peak value and warning value) can be stored up, and the peak value can be reviewed and cleared.



Model Number: B18325

Product Name: 2" 52mm Water Temperature Gauge

Material: Aluminum

Housing Color: Black

Face Color: Black

Voltage: 12V

Diameter Size: 2" (52mm)

Sensor Thread Size: 1/8" NPT

Unit: ℃

Reading range: 20~120℃

Power Wires Connecting:

White wire : To 12V wire when ignition on

Red wire :To 12V battery wire

Yellow wire : To 12V wire when small lamp on

Black wire : To ground

Common Button Operation:

1.There is a Button in the backside of the gauge, the remote button is included.They are used to review and clear peak value,change the colors, adjust the brightness, choose the buzzer, set the warning etc.The remote button is same function as the button in the gauge. 

2.Short press to switch between different functions settings, long press until buzzer sounds, then enter the setting mode.It will return to normal status when the button is released after 5 seconds.


- The product is designed for use on 12v vehicles.Do not install this product on vehicles with 24v systems.

- Do not perform installation of this product immediately after the engine has been switched off. The engine and exhaust system are extremely hot at this time and can cause burns if touched.

Package Includes:

1 x Water Temperature Gauge

1 x Meter Wire

1 x Power Supply Wire

1 x Remote Button Wire

1 x Temperature Sensor

1 x Connection Wire

1 x Mount Bracket Cup

1 x Double Sided Tape

2 x Buffer

1 x English Manual