25Ft Coil Roll 3/16" Steel Zinc Brake Line Tube Fuel Tubing Kit + 16 Nut Fitting

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25Ft Coil Roll of 3/16"OD Steel Zinc Brake Line Fuel Tubing Kit with 16 Fittings Replacement Accessories


Material:Steel Zinc


Brake Line Length:25ft/7.62m/300inch

Brake Line Tubing Diameter: 3/16 in. O.D.( note: 3/16"≠1/4" )

Brake Line Tubing Wall thickness:0.028 in / 0.71mm

Blasting pressure: 150MPa

Maximum speed: 150 rpm

Temperature range: 150-200°C

Type:Brake Line

Quantity:1 set


-High bursting strength, high vibration-fatigue limit.

-It won’t rust,corrosion resistance, extremely easy to bend by hand and flare by simple tools.

-It is also widely suitable for household, industrial and commercial uses,such as,oil pressure gauge pipe, fuel lines, brake lines and similar devices in the automotive, refrigeration, and heater manufacturing industries, to replace copper tubes and reduce production cost.

Package includes:

1 x 25ft roll of 3/16" plated brake line tubing

10 x 3/8"-24 Tube Nuts

2 x 7/16''-24 Tube Nuts

2 x 1/2''-20 Tube Nuts

2 x 9/16''-18 Tube Nuts