27" 24W LED Emergency Flashing Light Bar Traffic Strobe Beacon Lamp Yellow+White for Truck Car

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1.Energy saving and power saving. Power consumption is only equivalent to the traditional lamp 1/10, can better save fuel consumption.

2.Fast response, no delay.

3.Long life, no need for frequent replacement of light bulbs.

4.Luminous color pure, bright color, never fade.


Flash modes:

Mode 1: Flashes between block panel 1,2,5,6 and block panel 3,4

Mode 2: Flashes between block panel 1,6 and block panel 2,3,4,5

Mode 3: Scan from center block panel to out block panel

Mode 4: Scan from out block panel to center block panel

Mode 5: Flashes between block panel 1,2,5,6 and block panel 3,4 a few times follow by flashing all block panels.

Mode 6: All block panel are constant flashing

Mode 7: All LEDs are constant on. No flash



Size: 69x5x6.5cm

Material: Aluminum+PC(Polycarbonate)

Voltage: 12V

Power: 24w

Number of LED blocks: 6

Number of LED per block: 4

Number of modes: 7

LED light: Yellow & White


Package Includes:

1x 24 LED Traffic Advisor Flash (Come with Switch)

2x Screws

2x Nuts