3 Pair Safetyware Anti Cut Oil Resistant Proof Nitrile Safety Work Gloves Coated Heavy Duty Level 5 for Kitchen Gardening Mechanic Construction General Purpose

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SAFETYWARE Taeki5 Cut Resistant String Knit Gloves with Hybrid Coating Technology (HCT) Nitrile Coated Palm

Safetyware 57 Taeki5 String Knit with Nitrile Palm Gloves is in the category of cut resistant which is used when working with sharp objects and heat resistant which protects from extreme heat exposure, typically used in laboratory work, construction or catering category.

Cut-resistant gloves (CRG) are an integral piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) for many jobs. They are truly the last line of defence between an identified hazard and the end-user. Selecting the correct glove by matching it to the hazard and risk is a key responsibility for the safety practitioners and purchasing departments of any organisation whose workers face cut hazards.

Heat resistant gloves are essential for workers who are exposed to heat hazards. It is important to properly understand the type of gloves you need for your workplace. There are many different types of heat hazards. You can use the legislation EN 407 to help you find the right heat proof gloves for your environment. Heat resistant gloves are rated according to EN 407. EN 407 ratings have 6 numbers and each number shows the glove’s resistance to a certain type of hazard.

- Safetyware string knit glove is a medium weight glove, 13 gauge liner for increased wearer comfort.
- 100% Taeki5 yarn.
- Ideal for providing cut protection in areas involving auto assembly and sheet metal assembly.
- Offers superb cut & abrasion resistance.
- Lint-free, heat resistant and washable.
- Protects both hands from being accidentally cut by sharp objects.
- Resists damage caused by heavy friction with other materials.
- Hybrid Coating Technology (HCT) used to make the foam nitrile coated palm.
- Oil resistance and water repellant, thus providing excellent grip in wet and oily conditions.

- Liner Material: Taeki5 Fibre
- Coating Material: Hybrid Coating Technology (HCT) Foam Nitrile
- Colour: Black
3 pair (6 pieces) bulk value pack