5 Pair Safetyware Anti Cut Resistant Sleeves Work Gloves Forearm Protecter Bulk with Thumb Hole

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SAFETYWARE Taeki5 Cut Resistance String Knit Sleeves with Thumb Hole

Product Details:

- Length: 18 Inch (457 mm)

- Colour: Yellow

- Material: Glass fibre, Spandex, Synthetics yarn

- Sold as a pair

- Features Level 5 high cut resistance to protect your arm from any accidental cuts and scrapes.

- The high abrasion resistance makes for high performance and long-lasting safety sleeves.

- It also features heat resistance up to 200 Degree Celsius.

- The lint-free soft fabric is easy to stretch, place and let your arms stay comfortable after wearing it.

5 Pairs (10 Pieces) Bulk Value Pack