5x Voodoo Washbag Delicates Lingerie Bra Zip Mesh Laundry Wash Bag H60060 Bulk

  • $55.10
  • Save $9.65

The new larger size Voodoo washbag helps protect and prolong the life of your hosiery, lingerie and delicates. Simply place hosiery and other delicates into your Voodoo washbag, machine wash and hang out to dry. Voodoo washbag is the stylish way to prevent snags and tangles with the convenience of machine washing.

-5 Pieces Bulk Value Pack

- Dimensions: 50cm x 55cm

- Open Weave Washbag

- Enclosed Zipper

- Makes Washing Easy

- Perfect For Hosiery, Lingerie, and Delicates

Style: H60060

Colour: White