7x Kayser Washbag Delicates Lingerie Bra Zip Mesh Laundry Wash Bag H10900 Bulk

  • $56.99

Enjoy the benefits of using a Kayser Washbag

- Protect and prolong the life of your hosiery and lingerie during machine or hand washing with the Kayser washbag.

- It’s the easiest and most tangle free way to do your washing.

- Also use the washbag for safe storage of hosiery, lingerie and other delicates.

How to use and care for your Kayser Washbag

- Place your hosiery, lingerie or clothing delicately into the washbag and hand or machine wash.

- After washing, remove your delicate item from the washbag and hang out to dry.

- The unique washbag fabric allows for thorough washing, and is quick to dry.

- Open weave washbag

- Enclosed zipper on front

- Perfect for hosiery & lingerie

- Made of Polyester

- Approx 42cm x 35cm


Style: H10900

7 Pieces Bulk Value Pack