80 cm 7 Layer DIY Blank Skateboard Deck Natural Maple Wood Double Concave Plates

  • $85.99

Product Name: Double Concave Skateboard Deck
Material: Maple
ColourNatural Wood Colour
Size: 79x20.5cm / 31.1x8.1in
Thickness: 1cm / 0.4in
Feature: 7-layer Maple

1. Double warped concave board.
2. It is made of 7 layers of maple, which is durable and simple.
3. Good replacement decks for beginners and other skateboarders.
4. The users can paint on the board.
5. Used for: daily, flip tricks, grinds, and skate parks, street skateboarding or art.

Package Includes:
1 x Skateboard Deck