9x Bonds Hipster Briefs Comfy Big Mens Plus Size Underwear 3XL-7XL MXP83W Bulk

  • $74.10

Mens Hipster Briefs 

Men's briefs with a double front for double comfort, the Hipster Brief Pack exceeds your expectations of classic, comfy BONDS.

Style: MXP83W 07P



Men's Hipster briefs in multicolour 3 pack. 

Wide, stretchy waistband. 

Stay comfy all day long. Sizes: 

3XL - Waist Size: 125-130cms 

4XL - Waist Size: 135-140cms 

5XL - Waist Size: 145-150cms 

6XL - Waist Size: 155-160cms

7XL - Waist Size > 161cm

9 Pieces Bulk Value Pack