Audio-Technica AT9946CM Shotgun Stereo Video Camera DSLR Microphone

  • $119.00
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The AT9946CM is equipped with three ultra-directional microphone units to pick up sound from the centre and sides for superior and realistic sound quality. Perfect for recording sports, events, and theatre.


MS Stereo pickup pattern - centre capsule with narrow pick-up angle combined with left and right-side capsules

Provides wide sound capture with a focus on point source

Low-cut switch reduces unwanted low rumble from wind or camera vibrations

Wind-muff accessory reduces broadband wind noise

Light and compact body

Standard DSLR Camera shoe Mount

Plug-in power* +5v from the camera



- Element: Stereo Electret Condenser

- Polar Pattern: Line-cardioid and Figure-of-eight

- Frequency Response: 100 – 12,000 Hz

- Open Circuit Sensitivity: -30dB (0dB = 1V/1Pa, 1kHz)

- Impedance: 1.0kΩ

- Power: Plug-in power system (5v)

- Dimensions (Including shock mount): H55 × W45 × D112mm

- Weight: 60g

- Plug: 3.5mm gold-plated 3-pin mini jack (L-type)

- Cable: 0.3m

- Accessories: Windshield