Cell Smart Mobile Phones Repair Opening Pry Screwdrivers Tools Set Kit 22 in 1

  • $33.99

1.22 in 1 metal spudger set.
2.Made of stainless steel, sturdy yet still flexible.
3.Dual tipped design,various blades for every repair situation.
4.Ergonomic silicone handle, non slip, easy to use and handle.
5.Perfect for all smartphones mobiles.

Name: Phone Repair Tools
Model: 535423
Handle Material: Silicone
Head Material: Stainless Steel
Screen Opening Plier Size: 16x7.5cm

Package Includes:
1x Screen Opening Plier
1x Adhesive
2x Suction Cups
1x Blue Plastic Triangular Tool
1x Yellow Plastic Triangular Tool
1x SIM CARD Tray Ejector Pin
1x Straight Tweezer
1x Double-headed crwbar (Heavy Duty Spudger Pry Bar)
1x Red Screwer
1x Pentalobe (Torx/ Star) Screwdriver
1x T5 Screw Driver
1x T6 Screw Driver
1x 1.2 Phillips Screw Driver
1x 1.5 Phillips Screw Driver
2x 2.0 Phillips Screw Driver
2x Scrapers
4x Plastic Pry tools