800 Grit 25mm x 762mm Abrasive Sanding Belt Long Lasting Sander Metal Woodwork

  • $23.99

25mm x 762mm 800 Grit Sanding Belt Sander for Metal Wood Work

Material: Aluminum Oxide
Size: 1"x30" / 25x762mm
Girt: 800
Quantity: 1pc
Wide use for:
Leather, wood, building materials, textile and other industries.
Plywood, particle board, decorative plates, bamboo and rattan products, grinding and polishing.
Stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, black metal plates and blades and other grinding and polishing.
Metallic and non-metallic materials with water or with oil grinding, grinding large plane.
Leather, rubber, and fabric.
Package Includes:
1 x 800 Grit Sanding Belt