Airless Paint Sprayer Spray Nozzle Gun Tip Extension Pole 30 50 75 100CM Option

  • $23.99

30-100CM Airless paint sprayer tip extension pole.


Specification:Extension pole: 30/50/75/100cm

Material: Aluminum alloy

Nozzle seat material: Copper + plastic

Both ends Interface Size: 22mm



- Universal spraying machine extension bar with good sealing and atomizing effect.

- Easy installation, simple operation, corrosion resistant.

- Using GB 6061 containing gold aluminum rod production for improved hardness

- Diameter 12mm, thickness 3.5mm, hole 5mm.



Keep hands and body away from tip.

Relieve pressure before cleaning or disassembling.

Do not use with halogenated hydrocarbon solvents or fluids.


Package Includes:

1x Airless paint sprayer extension pole with sprayer nozzle seat

(Not includes sprayer )