Geek SK64S Custom 64 Keys RGB Backlit Bluetooth Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • $135.00

Brand Geek Customized
Model SK64S
Keys Amount 64 Keys
Color Grey & Black / Grey & White / Pink & White
Switch Gateron Switch (Blue Switch, Brown Switch, Red Switch)
Connection USB Type-C Wired
Material PBT + ABS
Cable 1.5m USB Cable
Size 293 * 103 * 38mm
Weight 768g
System Support Windows / Android / Mac
Anti-Ghost Key NKRO
Backlit RGB back light   
1.  Multi-colour: Approximately 16.8 million colour true RGB keyboards. The driver can be configured with massive lighting effects.
2. Three FN. 3-layer editable download function, FN1/FN2/FN3 user-defined.
3. Onboard FLASH memory unit for storage configuration.
4. Ergonomic design.
5. NKRO: Full anti-ghosting. Full keyboard keys without conflict. Enjoy the process without obstacles.
6. Supports each motherboard BLOS setting. Supports USB online update.
7. Small and portable.
8. Waterproof, dust proof, corrosion-proof, IP68 waterproof grade.
Package Includes:
1 * Geek Customized SK64S 64 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard