6-18 Wine Glass Cup Drying Rack Mount Holder Hanging Hanger Bar Shelf Storage

  • $43.99

When you are cleaning the glass in the cupboard, do you feel a little troublesome and inconvenient? Or when you want to drink red wines and take a glass, are you worried that the glass will be knocked down and broken? Will the washed glass take up a lot of space when it is placed on the table to dry? Will these problems bother you?

This Glass Holder will help you get rid of these problems.


Technical Specifications:

Material: Iron

Colour: Black / Gold / White

Capacity: 3-slot, 4-slot, 5-slot, 6-slot

Type A - 3-Slot Size: 30*22.5cm (11.8*8.9") For Hanging 6-9 Glasses

Type B - 4-Slot Size: 40*22.5cm (15.7*8.9") For Hanging 8-12 Glasses

Type C - 5-Slot Size: 50*22.5cm (19.7*8.9") For Hanging 10-15 Glasses

Type D - 6-Slot Size: 50*22.5cm (19.7*8.9") For Hanging 12-18 Glasses


Features and Benefits:

1. Made of iron, sturdy and durable. Not easy to bend or deform, and its high-grade coating design prevents the glass rack from oxidizing and rusting.

2. This rack looks great and keeps your stemware ready to go for impromptu gatherings.

3. Works great in the kitchen, bar, dining room or anywhere you have an overhang; A perfect way to store your stemware.

4. The stylish design makes this glass rack looks elegant in a variety of cabinet styles. It provides quick and easy access to keep all the glasses well-organized.

5. You could install it underneath the cabinets in your kitchen, bar, dining room or anywhere you want. You could take out a lot of glasses when need hold a party or have a family dinner.


Package Contents:

1x Wall Mount Glass Hanger