8pcs Beehive Wasp Nest Bee Hive Smoker Queen Catcher Beekeeping Equipment Tools

  • $66.99

Material: Stainless steel body with heat shield
Dimension :28x10cm
Diameter: Approx. 11inches
Mounting hood included
Purposes: raw smoke bees, drive bees

-People have known that smoke calms bees. When bees encounter the smoke, they will start sucking up honey in the event that they will have to abandon their hive due to fire.
-The bee's abdomen will distend from the honey making it less inclined to use its stinger.
-This durable hive smoker calms bees and helps you get into your hives when you need to perform routine checks, merge the colony and harvest the honey.
-It is made of stainless steel construction and is equipped with a heat shield to keep your hands cool. The mounting hook lets you hang it up when you need to use both hands.
-The removable, perforated base plate with fold-able stands provides good airflow.
-This is a 8 in 1 Beekeeping Tool Kit
-A complete overall Tool Pack that covers your general Beekeeping work.
-This is a great kit filled with essentials for beekeeping and helps you to progress with the inclusion of some queen catching and marking tools.
-Includes Deluxe Chisel, Bee Brush, Wheel Wire Embedder, Frame Grip, Queen Catcher and Queen Marking Tool.

Queen Marking Cage With Plunger
Bee Brush---Fine quality with pure pig bristle and plastic handle
Uncapping Fork--- Sturdy moulded plastic with sharp tines
Queen Catcher--- Plastic ,'hair clip' type
HIve Frame Holder---Sturdy effective tool for removing the frame
Stainless steel scraper-- With special iron steel, perfect to separate hive boxes, pry out frames, and scrap wax and propolis off your bee boxes and frames
Wire Wheel Embedder---Stainless steel and wood,u se to secure a thin layer of foundation wax into each timber frame

Package Includes:
1 x Large Bee smoker
1 x Stainless steel scraper
1 x Uncapping Fork
1 x Bee Brush
1 x Hive Frame Holder
1 x Queen Catcher
1 x Queen Marking Tool
1 x Wheel Wire Embedder