15cm Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose Tube Duct Vent Adaptor Connector

  • $18.50

Name: Diameter 15cm/5.9" Portable Air Conditioning Body Exhaust Duct Interface
Colour: White
Material: ABS
Diameter: 15cm(5.9")
Shape: Round(L/F Series)Square(C/H Series)
-Round(L/F Series) interface suits for KY-20/LA,KY-25/L,KY-26/F1,KYR-26/F1,KY-35/F1,KYR-35/F1,KY-26/F2,KYR-26/F2,KY-35/F2,KYR-35/F2,etc.
-Square(C/H Series) interface suits for KY-25/C,KYR-25/C,KY-32/C,KYR-32/C,KY-25/H,KYR-25/H,KY-32/H,KYR-32/H, etc.
-Applicable to part of mobile air conditioners with a diameter of 15cm
- Connected to the exhaust hose, and can be easily installed on the back of the portable air conditioner
Note: Please confirm if you can use it on your machine. And be sure to measure the diameter you need before purchasing (Based on the outside diameter.)
Package includes:
1 x Exhaust Duct Interface