30cm 50cm XH-U3 U Style Aluminum Channel Holder For LED Strip Light Bar Lamp

  • $23.99

Model: XH-U3
Length: 30/50CM
Width: 16MM
Compatible: 10-11.2MM Wide Soft Light Band

The LED U-Shaped Aluminum Channel System provides a professional finish and accommodates a wide range of LED strip lightings.
While the aluminum channel houses and protects your LED strips from dust and physical contact, the channel cover diffuses the harsh brightness of the LED lights.
The cover softens the 'spottiness' of LED strip lights, so the lights are not only more consistent but pleasing (referred to as a "light bar" or "neon effect).
Because the adhesive backing on LED strip lights only permits one installation before losing its stickiness, housing them in this aluminum channel instantly eradicates that problem.

Simply stick the LED strip light's backing inside the channel, snap on the diffuser cover, and mount the channel wherever desired.

Note: LED Strip Is Not Included

Package Includes:
1 x  Aluminum case
1 x PC Cover
2 x Plastic End Caps
2 x Wall hangers