10mX4m Thick Heavy Duty Reinforced HDPE Fish Pond Liner Garden Pools Landscaping

  • $74.99


Colour: Black

Material: HDPE(High Density Polyethylene)



Weight: about 4.3kg



a. Underneath the beautiful foliage and active aquatic life of your pond lies the product that keeps it functioning effectively, the fish pond liner.

b. By installing a permanent fish pond liner that will withstand a variety of weather and water conditions, you can avoid the hassle of regularly replacing this integral part of your pond.

c. HDPE fish pond liners are also an excellent choice, because they are durable and strong, but lightweight and easy to maneuver. HDPE pond liners are safe for fish and long-lasting.

d. Able to withstand the harsh environment, our pond liner is resistant to UV, sunlight and temperature and will not crack at all. It's also non-toxic, and is safe for plants, fish and other aquatic life.

e. The unique composite structure gives a high resistance to penetration or damage by root systems. Its high tensile strength and high tear and puncture resistance makes it exceptionally strong. It is very light, which leads to an easier installation, in terms of manpower and installation time.

Additional Advantageous Characteristics:

1.Easy to shape

2.Fits ponds of all shapes and sizes

3.Easy to work with

4.Can be repaired or patched


Package Includes:

1x Fish Pond Liner