Foldable Mobile Adjustable Shower Toilet Bedside Commode Aids Chair Seat Potty

  • $313.00

Main Features:

-6 levels adjustable: suitable for the needs of people of different heights

-PVC handrail: PVC waterproof material, surface cracked non-slip particles

-Stainless steel steel: thick stainless steel bracket, non rust, detachable, waterproof

-Widened non-slip foot pad: widened and enlarged foot pad, firm grip

-Locking buckle fixation: The seat plate is firmly fixed and can be removed freely to ensure the safety of users

-Two-purpose toilet and bathroom: The dual-purpose chair is made of stainless steel and is waterproof, and the feet are made of anti-slip foot pads to prevent accidents such as slipping and falling.

-S Reinforced bar: Reinforced support, solid structure and more stable

-Plastic toilet: large-capacity plastic toilet, lifting design, easy to take, easy to clean, no odor, clean and hygienic

-Flip lid design: lift the lid, convenient to carry the bucket, clean and hygienic

-One-key folding installation: without any tools, you can install the folding plate, automatically lock


Product name: stainless steel commode chair

Product colour: metal primary color

Body material: thick stainless steel

Product features: strong, adjustable height

Type: A: Leather sitting board/ B: ABS thickened sitting board


Product specifications: 66-76*40*53CM/25.98-29.92*15.74*20.86in

Armrest length: 40CM

Seat height: 34-44CM

Weight: 150KG

Toilet hole size: 21.5*25CM

Package Contents

1* Potty Chair