Drillpro 160x60mm Quick Release Ratcheting Guide Rail Clamp Vise Fit Festool

  • $53.99

Brand: Drillpro

Material: Metal

Color: Silver, Red, and Black



1. Fit for all kinds of rail, such as Festool and so on.

2. Protective ABS Pad, avoid damaging the surface of the workpiece.

3. The tail nut prevents the ratchet from slipping off, safer to use.

4. Secures your workpiece for precision cutting, sanding, routing, sanding, or just about any other application.

5. Ratcheting mechanism enables easy locking and quick release for a more efficient workflow.

6. Works seamlessly with holes and channels of the MFT table and can be inserted into the bottom t-slot of guide rails for limitless positioning.


Package Includes:

1 X Quick Guide Rail Clamp