Full Face Safety Respirator Gas Mask Goggles Cover Spray Paint Dust Chemical Shield

  • $28.99

Gas Comprehensive Cover Paint Chemical Mask & Goggles Face Respirator Pesticide Dust Proof Fire Escape Breathing Apparatus




The main mask and goggles integration design, antivirus prevent splash PC lens bending resistant to 360 degrees.

Light and comfortable, no stimulation.

The surface body can be cleaned, replaceable filter box.

Special processing activated carbon, the protective effect is better, protective time longer.


Trapezoidal filter boxes, center of gravity back, reduce neck fatigue.

Function: can prevent various organic gasses, such as formaldehyde, gasoline, ether, suitable for spray paint, oil, machinery, polishing, dust and other workplaces.

Applicable environment: coal, graphite, charcoal, talc, cement, lead smoke, smoke dust, cotton metal, casting, chemical packaging, paint spraying and other kinds of dust and gas, viruses, bacteria can be isolated and adsorbed.




Material: Rubber / PC Lens

Color: Blue and White


Package includes:

1 x Gas Cover Paint Chemical Mask

Comes with full accessories as picture show