Hcalory HC-A02 12V 24V 5-8KW Bluetooth Car Parking Diesel Air Heater Caravan RV

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Type A -Grey Colour (NO Bluetooth)

Type B -Red Colour (NO Bluetooth)

Type C -Grey Colour with Bluetooth Button

Type D -Red Colour with Bluetooth Knob



1. Suitable for all 12V 24V Universal diesel vehicles; it can be used for cab heating of various vehicles such as trucks, for vans, battery cars, etc., to eliminate window frost;

2. 5-8KW power adjustable to meet different needs;

3. Combining two into one, saving space and easy to move;

4. Easy to install and disassemble;

5. Environmental products, low emissions, low fuel consumption;

6. The volatilization technology, the fuel is heated and evaporated into gas through the ceramic spark plug, the ignition is fast and the combustion is sufficient;

7. LCD control screen, the remote control distance is up to 100 meters.

8. bluetooth app remote switch (optional).





Type:Air Diesel  Heater

Color:Dark Grey/Red(Optional)

Switch:Ordinary Key Switch/Knob Bluetooth Switch

Material:Plastic+Carbon Fiber Look

Built-in fuel tank:5L

Rated power:5~8KW

Rated voltage:12V 24V Universal

Fuel consumption:0.1L- 0.35L/ hour

Remote control effective distance:100 meters

Radiator working temperature:-40~+50°C

Operating temperature of oil pump:-40~+40°C


Reminder: The automatic start and stop function is only available on the knob model.


Packaged Includes:

1 X Air Diesel  Heater

1 X Remote control

1 X Silencer

1 X Air Filter

1 X Fixed plate

1 X Exhaust pipe

1 X Inlet air pipe

1 X Outlet air pipe

1 X set Screw accessory kit

1 X User Manual