Ilford Omnijet Glossy Bright White Photo Film Rolls 220GSM

  • $513.00

Ilford Omnijet Glossy Bright White Film is a high performance inkjet alternative to the ILFOCHROME® and ILFOFLEX® products. This polyester based, premium quality photographic white film uses the latest coating technology to create an inkjet receiving layer capable of exceptional image reproduction.

The media is ideal for brands or photographers wanting to deliver eye-catching displays or photographic prints with excellent colour gamut and clarity. This is the perfect advertising tool for quality focused brands when used as part of pop-up and roll-up displays, graphic panels, in store point of sale or at exhibitions and trade shows. For photographers, Glossy Bright White Film can also be mounted to aluminium for super glossy, gallery quality, photographic images similar to traditional ILFOCHROME®.

Glossy Bright White Film can be used in-laminated to produce exceptional images for superior short-term indoor use and thanks to its durable, tear-resistant and dimensionally stable base can also offer long lasting, flat displays that when laminated with a suitable protective film, are ideal for long-term applications. For maximum opacity, an additional opaque backing film is recommended.

Glossy Bright White Film is optimised to deliver professional results with both piezo and thermal wide format inkjet printers and has dye, pigment and latex ink compatibility. This not only limits the need to hold large stock inventories, but thanks to its instant drying and ease of handling, provides a high impact solution for print service providers and photographers alike.

Universal printer and ink compatibility

High opacity

Excellent bonding and lamination properties

Ultra smooth surface for perfectly flat displays

Tear-resistant and dimensionally stable Polyester base

Fast drying for instant handling

Limits the need for a large inventory


- Weight: 220gsm

- Surface: High Gloss

- Opacity: 98%

- Calliper: 180 micron (7mil)

- Tint (CIE L*a*b*): 96.0, -0.2, -3.0

- Media Type: Film