Ilford Omnijet Glossy Photo Realistic Paper Gloss Rolls 235GSM

  • $322.00

Ilford Omnijet Photo Realistic Papers combine the superb imaging performance that you would expect from an Ilford product, with improved environmental credentials, exceptional printer compatibility and excellent value for money. FSC® Certified (C107238) Photo Realistic papers are not only responsibly sourced and recyclable but come in longer length rolls to improve productivity. In addition, this media is designed for use with wide format inkjet printer systems from major manufacturers and is compatible with aqueous dye, pigment, UV cure and Latex inks as well as electrostatic printers. This multi-format printer compatibility will simplify inventory and workflow as well as reduce wastage.

Key Benefits

- Recyclable

- Profiles provided for multiple manufacturers

- Excellent imaging performance

- Longer length rolls for improved productivity

- Instant dry, high speed printing

- Compatible with Dye, Pigment, UV Cure & Latex printers

- Range of application uses - Posters, exhibition panels and graphic displays