Kenko RealPro Multi Coated Camera Lens Protector Filter

  • $199.00

Protect your precious lens from dust, scratches, and damage.

REALPRO Protector is a perfect option for those who prefer using lenses safely and protect from unexpected physical damages. REALPRO Protector is made of fine and clear glass that will not affect the overall quality of your image. suggested for all camera lens users and particularly outdoor active photographers who work in extreme conditions.

The filter that stays clear for a long time.

The one important feature of REALPRO series is Anti-Stain Coating (ASC) that represents a new generation of Kenko coating technology.Thanks to a new formula of coating material the surface of REALPRO UV filter will make moisture and water drops to bead up and slip down leaving filter clean. Thus, you will not need to clean filters for a long time and maintenance will become incredibly easier and safer. Due to smooth filter surface dust and smudges can be wiped more easily because they do not stick on to the glass so strongly. Time you spend on the after-care routine will be considerably shortened and the cleaning process will not bother you anymore. This feature is highly valued by extreme photographers who are shooting outdoors in various weather conditions.


Every single light will reach camera sensor for clear and sharp image

Since the sensor of digital SLR or mirror less cameras becomes more sensitive to light coming through the lens, Anti-Reflection Multi Coating is a must for photographic filters. Kenko Anti-Reflection Multi Coating technology that has already obtained a general standard for each Kenko filter will give you maximum light transmission and protection from flares and ghosting caused by parasite reflections.


Slim Frame

Use with any lens and with no loss of light. REALPRO Protector adopts ultra thin frames to avoid vignetting effect on wide and super wide angle lenses. 

Knurling Edge Frame

The frame of REALPRO Protector is equipped with a knurling surface to prevent slipping, making attachment and removal easy and stress-free.  

Black Almite Frame

To reduce to minimum any unwanted reflections REALPRO Protector adopts black aluminium satin finish almite frame. Satin finish will increase friction between fingers and frame for quick operation and satin black frame will minimise internal reflections. 

Black Rimmed Glass

To reduce the internal light reflections off the edge of the filter glass Kenko uses the technology of black rimming. The outer rim of the glass plate is treated with a specific black ink to prevent any leaking of the light.


Wide variety of sizes

In order to meet the demands of as many photographers as possible, REALPRO Protector is presented in a whole line up of sizes from 37mm for non-reflex cameras to 95mm and even 105mm for high-end super tele lenses and broad-casting. 

UV Protected Case

Every REALPRO Protector comes with a durable reusable plastic case with UV-Cut function. Since the polarisation film is sensitive to UV light, the REALPRO case will lengthen the life of the filter.