Kowa TSN-774 77mm Straight Spotting Scope XD Lens without Eyepiece

  • $2,518.00

77mm XD Lens


XD lenses

The PROMINAR models “TSN-773/774” have an XD objective lens with low dispersion properties to diminish chromatic aberration. Like the TSN-880 Prominar models, the concave lens paired with the XD lens is made of glass with special dispersion properties to reduce the chromatic aberration to a further degree. The performance and compactness of these spotting scopes are second to no other scope in this class.

Advanced Design

This body, designed to be user-friendly, is light and compact despite its large objective lens and metal construction.

Logically tailored to meet the needs of the most demanding user, every technical and ergonomic detail has been painstakingly examined and perfected. Users of these advanced spotting scopes will know that they possess an instrument of extremely high quality.

Compact Size

The adoption of the inner focus system keeps the prism box light and compact, realising a large 77mm objective lens in a body length of a 60mm class scope.

Magnesium Alloy Body

The magnesium alloy body decreases the weight of the scope while providing a rugged structure that can withstand the severest conditions.

Dual Focus Mechanism (Quick and Fine Focusing)

The dual focus mechanism allows focusing in two revolutions and fine pinpoint accuracy in one system.

Eyepiece Locking Mechanism

The eyepiece locking mechanism secures the eyepiece to the scope body and prevents it from getting lost or falling off suddenly. 

Tripod Mount

The addition of a brass insert to the tripod mount of the scope allows the scope to be secured to both 1/4 and 3/8 inch mount tripods.

Waterproof and Filled with Dry Nitrogen Gas


The housing is waterproof to JIS* Protection Class 7** and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent the lens from fogging.

* JIS=Japanese Industrial Standard.

** The scope is not intended for use underwater. 


TSN-773 (Angled Type)

Objective Lens Diameter: 77mm

Objective Lens: XD Lens

Minimum Focusing Distance: 5m

Length: 318mm

Weight: 1330g

Filter Thread: 82mm

TSN-774 (Straight Type)

Objective Lens Diameter: 77mm

Objective Lens: XD Lens

Minimum Focusing Distance: 5m

Length: 304mm

Weight: 1330g

Filter Thread: 82mm

In the Box:

- Kowa TSN-770 series Prominar XD 77mm Spotting Scope (Requires Eyepiece)

- Front & Rear Caps