Metz Mecalight L1000 BC X IP44 LED Camera Video Light Lamp Lighting MTZ610511

  • $613.00

-Control via smartphone app

-Hot shoe socket for microphone

-Flicker free

-Splash proof


Dust and splash water protected continuous light.

Strong luminous power – smart controlled.

For all those who are travelling through wind and weather, the outdoor version L1000 BC X is the right choice. The housing, the corresponding connections and the battery compartment are protected against splash water and foreign materials according to the safety class IP44. The new high-performance SMD-LED video light L1000 BC is equipped with a unique lens concept, that offers a high and constant illuminance of 1000 Lux despite pretty compact measurements. The special set-up of the LEDs ensures an optimal colour rendering without colour casts and reduces multiple shadows substantially. Due to the division in white and warm white LEDs, the video lights are bi-color able. Thus the color temperature can be adjusted continuously from 2800 – 5700 Kelvin to choose the lighting mood according to your requirements.

Due to the unique lens concept and the intelligent regulation of the high-performance LEDs, the high illuminance intensity of 1000 Lux can be kept constant at a color temperature of 2800 – 5700 Kelvin. Therefore the L1000 BC not only even meets professional claims but belongs to the most powerful LED- video lights of its class.

Another technical highlight is the integrated wireless function: Via the Metz mecalight app, up to seven devices can be linked and controlled comfortably. The smartphone app is compatible with the current Android and Apple iOS versions.


LEDs type: 64 SMD LEDs with special lens matrix

             Bi-Color (32 white, 32 warmwhite LEDs)

Illumination: 1000 Lux (@1m)

Colour rendering index (CRI): 93

Colour temperature: 2800 – 5700 Kelvin

 Beam angle: 60°

 Display: OLED screen

 Smartphone control: Bluetooth connection

 Interface: USB interface for external power supply and firmware updates

 Socket: ¼ inch (3x)

 Dimension: 154 x 100 x 46 mm 

 Weight: 245 g

 Protection: IP44