Pentax SMC 8-24mm Zoom Fogproof Wide Angle Eyepiece for Spotting Scope 70509

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The SMC 8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece fits all Pentax spotting scopes for terrestrial viewing, and can also be used with telescopes with 1.25 Inch focusers. It offers generous 18-22mm eye relief for comfortable viewing and an apparent angle of view as wide as 60°. Built to Japanese Industrial Standards Class 4, it is weather resistant.


Pentax PF-100ED, PF-80EDA, PF-80ED, PR-80EDA, PR-65EDA, PF-65ED(A)II spotting scopes

Optical Performance:

- Apparent angle of view 38-60°

- Long 18/22mm eye relief accommodates eyewear

- Magnification: 26-78x with 100mm scope, 21-63x/20-60x/20-61x with 80mm scopes, 16-46x/16-48x with 65mm scopes

Construction Details:

- USA Standard 1.25 Inch eyepiece threading diameter

- Waterproof & fogproof (JIS Class 4-rated)

- Multi-layer coated optics

- High-refraction, low dispersion lanthanum glass

- Accepts conventional 1.25 Inch diameter filters for astronomical and terrestrial applications

Zoom Eyepiece which is a high-performance and waterproof structure for daily life.


- Magnification:

With PF-100ED: 26-78x

With PF-80EDA: 21-63x

With PF-80ED: 20-60x

With PR-80EDA: 20-61x

With PR-65EDA: 16-46x

With PF-65ED(A)II: 16-48x

- Apparent Angle of View: 38-60°

- Field of View:

With PF-100ED: 26-14 m at 1000 m

With PF-80EDA: 31-16.5 m at 1000 m

With PF-80ED: 33-17 m at 1000 m

With PR-80EDA: 33-18 m @ 1000 m

With PR-65EDA and PF-65ED(A)II: 40-21 m at 1000 m

- Angle of View:

With PF-100ED: 1.5-0.8°

With PF-80EDA: 1.8-0.95°

With PF-80ED: 1.9-1.0°

With PR-80EDA: 1.9-1.0°

With PR-65EDA: 2.4-1.3°

With PF-65ED(A)II: 2.4-1.25°

- Exit Pupil Diameter:

With PF-100ED: 3.9-1.3 mm

With PF-80EDA: 3.8-1.3 mm

With PF-80ED: 4.0-1.3 mm

With PR-80EDA: 4.0-1.3 mm

With PR-65EDA: 4.1-1.4 mm

With PF-65ED(A)II: 4.0-1.4 mm

- Eye Relief: 18-22 mm

- Dimensions: 69 x 144 mm

- Weight: 550g