Petrol Engine Compression Tester Kit Set Gauge Car Motorcycle Automotive Tool

  • $74.99

1.This compression tester can be quickly set to your bike / car , then you can get accurate readings in valves , piston rings , cylinder bores or head gaskets .
2.Manometer with double graduation ( 0 to 300 psi , 0- 21 kg / cm 2 ) and with rubber protection to prevent scratches
3.Drain valve with full copper nickel plating, anti -oxidation and corrosion
4. M10 adapter is suitable for motorcycles, M12 M14 M18 adapters are suitable for car.


Pressure gauge Diameter: 75mm

Test pressure: max 21 bar / 300 psi

4 Adapters: M10x1.0mm M12x1.25mm M14x1.25mm M18X1.5mm

Hose Overall length: 430mm

Pressure tube length: 150mm

Angled pressure tube length: 160mm

Case Size: 265 x 210 x 65mm

Package Includes:

1x Compression Tester of 0-21 bar and 0-300 psi

1x Hose (length 430 mm)

1x Adapter M 10 x 1.0

1x Pressure Pipe with Rubber Attachment ( straight line)

1x Adapter M 12 x 1,25

1x Pressure Pipe with Rubber Attachment ( Angled )

1x Adapter M 14 x 1,25

1x Plastic Case (red)

1x Adapter M 18 x 1,5

1x Instruction Guide in English