Round Swimming Pool Cover Protective 8-15 Feet Diameter Home Garden Outdoor

  • $49.99


Material: PE Weaving-cloth


#1: 8Ft 244cm

#2: 10Ft 305cm

#3: 12Ft 366cm

#4: 15Ft 457cm



1. Easy-to-use, durable small round pool cover.

2. This item is suitable for INTEX and BESTWAY dish shape and circular swimming pool.

3. Lightweight material; round cover with 13-inch overhang.

4. Prevents dirt and debris accumulating in pool.

5. Simple to secure with hard wearing rope ties.

6. Limits evaporation and reduces need for chemicals.

7. Fits pools 8/10/12 feet in diameter.


Package Includes:

1 x Pool Cover ( No pool Included)