SanDisk Ultra 512GB 150MB/s USB-A and USB 3.1 Type-C Dual Thumb Flash Drive Luxe

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This SanDisk Ultra Dual Flash Drive is compatible with both USB-A and USB-C ports for convenience, meaning you can take and transfer files from a variety of different laptops and smartphones. It comes with 512 GB of storage capacity so you can store videos, photos, music, applications and more. It's great for school, university and work.

-It's designed for taking and transferring files in a portable manner.
-This flash drive contains a storage capacity of 512 GB.
-The USB contains USB-C and USB-A connectors for using with devices like laptops, desktop computers, smartphones and more.
-Simply plug in to your device of choice to begin use.
-It comes in the colour black.


Brand: Sandisk

Descriptive Colour: Silver

Interface Type: USB 3.1, USB-C

Product Dimensions (mm): 8.60W x 12.10D x 44.41H mm

Product Weight (kg): 0.012 kg