Sharpening Guide Fixed Angle Holder Knife Planer Blade Chisel Honing Gouge Tool

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Mohoo Sharpening System Honing Guide Sharpening Holder Angle Fixture Angle Gauge for Woodworking Chisel


Material: Aluminum alloy


A: Sharpening guide

B: Sharpening angle fixture 



Two rollers design - Combine the two rollers with the bevel of your tool and you've defined a flat plane. Precision-machined shoulders in the jaws hold your tool perpendicular to the axles and parallel to the wheel surfaces. This design virtually ensures a square edge on your tool if your sharpening stone is flat.

Easily change - Just spin the clamping screw out, slide the slave jaw off the guide posts and you have wide open access to the wheel mounting screws. While you're putting it back together, you'll notice the deep, square cut Acme thread. lt spins down fast and grips the tool tight.

Sharpening Angle Fixture for different angles - This handy set-up tool gives you a precise reference for primary bevel angles from 15° to 45° in 5° increments and a 2° micro-bevel off for every one of those primary bevels. Each angle has a positive pin registration, making repeat sharpening quick and easy.

Package Includes:

A: 1 x Sharpening Guide 


B: 1 x Sharpening Angle Fixture