Slik ABLE 300DX Professional Camera Tripod with ABLE 300DX 3-way Pan Head

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The legs of the ABLE 300DX extend and retract securely, loosen and tighten the leg lock knob to extend or shorten them. 3 position adjustable angle leg locks make for easy set up on uneven ground or steps. These leg locks also allow you to lower the height of the tripod. Combined with the SLIK ABLE 300DX Short Column, the tripod can be lowered to 470mm for low angle or macro photography.

For even lower angle photography the standard gearless centre column can be reversed so the head is at the bottom of the centre column. This gives you the ability to photograph with the camera just a few inches off the ground.

The tripod kit comes with the ABLE 300DX Pan Head, a compact and all-metal, this head has the strength and durability to handle many digital and 35 mm cameras and lenses.

The 3-way pan head has a metal quick release plate that positively locks into the head. One lever operation of the quick release lock allows fast mounting and unmounting of the camera.

2-Handle 3-Way Head For Medium-Sized Tripods As Standard:

A 2-handle, 3-way platform with a camera mounting system with a 'quick shoe' that allows the camera to be attached and detached quickly and reliably. A set of vertical positions is possible quickly. The 'pan handle' with a flat grip is easy to apply force and can be operated reliably.

Three Angle Leg Opening Width:

The leg opening angle can be adjusted in three ways. By sliding the 'leg angle adjustment locks' on the leg joint part, it is possible to set three tripod stages of high, middle, and low. In addition, it is also possible to adjust the opening angle of the three legs separately. It can be quickly placed straight for a variety of situations, such as stairs and uneven terrain. The operability of the 'leg angle adjustment locks’ is common to other SLIK tripods such as 'The Professional' series. Using a click ball, a solid sense of operation can be realised.

Thumb-Turn Leg Lock

The thumb-turn locking mechanism allows for intuitive leg lock & unlocking

Anti-Rotation D-Shaped Aluminium Pipe

The top row uses a round pipe, and the second and third stages are D-shaped aluminium pipes. Pipes do not rotate and can be stretched smoothly.


- Folded Length: 655mm

- Maximum Operating Height: 1,550mm

- Minimum Operating Height: 470mm (350mm)

- Maximum Center Column Ext.: 280mm

- Weight: 2,600g

- Head Portion Weight: 650g

- Leg Portion Weight: 1,950g

- Leg Lock Type: T.L.

- Leg Tip: Rubber

- How To Mount Camera: Q.R.S. 6123

- Number of Leg Sections: 3

- Diameter of the first upper leg: 27mm

- Type of Center Column Elevation: Centre column type

- Panhead: 3-way pan head ABLE 300DX HEAD

- Type of Bubble Level: –

- Special Features: Multi-position leg