Slik SGH-300 Quick Release System Compact Gimbal Tripod Head Stabilizer for Camera Telescope Tripod

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The compact and lightweight design allows for easier transport into remote locations while providing the same performance of larger and heavier versions. The SGH-300 supports up to a 3.0kg load yet weighs only 800g. This is perfect for full-frame mirrorless and DSLR systems while using popular super-telephoto zoom lenses like the 150-600mm.

Fore-and-aft balancing adjustment:

Consider the weight difference between the camera and the lens, and adjust the balance position front or back by sliding the quick shoe to align the centre of gravity of the total load.

Camera Platform Height Adjustment:

The height of the camera platform can be adjusted to align the optical axis of the lens to the tilting axis of the gimbal head.

When the optical axis is aligned with the tilting axis, the camera can be set to hold in the vertical direction at any position.

Arca-type quick release plate:

The tool free design offers easy and quick set-up on location. The Arca-type camera platform allows for quick camera attachment and release.

System Case:

The package comes with an exclusive system case.


- Dimensions: 160 x 210 x 75mm (H x W x D)

- Weight: 800g

- Max. Load Capacity: 3.0kg

- Quick Release Plate: Arca-type with 1/4 Inch-20 screw

- Tripod Mounting: U1/4 Inch (with U3/8 Inch screw adapter)

- Product Material: Aluminium alloy